Are you preparing for the PTE exam and looking to boost your vocabulary? One of the best ways to do so is by studying common PTE vocabulary words.

                          VOCABULARY GUIDE for PTE Exam!


In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of  PTE vocabulary words with meanings to help you expand your vocabulary and improve your chances of success on the exam.


Vocabulary Words



 to decrease or reduce in intensity or amount


deviating from what is normal or usual
Abolish to put an end to, to do away with
Abrupt sudden and unexpected
Abundant  present in large quantities, plentiful


to provide lodging or make room for someone, to adapt or adjust to something


free from error or mistake, precise
Adept skilled or proficient at something


satisfactory, enough to meet a particular need
Adhere to stick or attach to something, to follow or support a rule or belief
Adjacent next to or adjoining something else
Administer to manage or supervise the distribution of something


 to have a high opinion of someone or something, to regard with respect or approval
Adversary an opponent or enemy
Affluent wealthy or rich
Aggravate to make a problem or situation worse
Ailment an illness or medical condition
Alleviate to make something less severe or intense
Anonymous not named or identified
Antagonize to provoke or cause hostility or anger in someone
Apparent obvious or easily seen


suitable or proper for a particular situation
Arrogant having an exaggerated sense of self-importance or superiority
Assemble to gather or bring together into one place or group
Assess to evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of something or someone
Assimilate to absorb or integrate something into oneself or one’s culture


genuine or real
Aversion a strong dislike or unwillingness to do something
Awe a feeling of respect mixed with wonder and fear


to exile or send away someone or something permanently

Barren   lacking in vegetation or unable to produce offspring, infertile


to confuse or puzzle someone
Bizarre very strange or unusual
Blunt  not sharp or pointed, straightforward or frank
Boast  to speak with excessive pride or self-satisfaction
Bold brave or daring, not afraid to take risks
Brevity concise and exact use of words in writing or speech
Brutal savage, cruel or harsh


to determine or estimate a numerical value or outcome

Candid truthful or honest, straightforward
Capable having the ability or competence to do something
Capture to take or seize by force or skill
Casual relaxed or informal, not requiring much thought or attention
Celebrate recognize a significant event or achievement with joy or festivity
Challenge to invite someone to engage in a competition or difficult task


possessing a compelling charm or attractiveness that inspires devotion in others
Cherish to hold dear or love deeply
Civilized   polite, cultured or refined
Clarify to make something clear or easier to understand
Classify to arrange or group things into categories or classes based on common characteristics
Clever quick


lacking in originality or freshness

Bellicose aggressive or warlike in nature
Benevolent kind and generous


harmless or gentle in nature
Bizarre extremely strange or unusual
Blatant obvious and intentional
Boisterous loud and energetic


bold and shameless
Brusque blunt or abrupt in manner
Bucolic relating to the pleasant aspects of country life


to persuade through flattery or deception

Callous insensitive or unfeeling
Camaraderie a feeling of trust and friendship among people who work together
Capricious unpredictable and impulsive
Castigate to criticize or punish severely
Caustic sarcastic or biting in tone
Celestial relating to the sky or heavens


deception or trickery
Churlish rude or ill-mannered
Clairvoyant able to perceive things beyond the range of ordinary perception


to weaken or impair

Decadent characterized by moral decay or luxury
Deft skilful or quick in action
Dejected sad or depressed
Deliberate intentional or done with purpose


modest or shy in behaviour
Denigrate to criticize unfairly or belittle
Desolate empty or deserted
Despondent  extremely unhappy or discouraged


deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources

Edify to instruct or improve someone intellectually or morally
Effervescent  bubbly or lively
Egregious extremely bad or offensive
Elated extremely happy or joyful
Eloquent fluent or persuasive in speech or writing


to decorate or enhance something with additional details or ornaments
Emulate to imitate or copy
Enigmatic mysterious or difficult to understand
Entice to attract or lure by offering something desirable


to vary or change constantly

Frivolous of little importance, not serious
Furtive secretive, done in a sly or stealthy manner
Futile useless, ineffective, unimportant
Facilitate to make easier or less difficult


excessively talkative, chatty

Gratuitous given without charge, unnecessary, uncalled for
Gregarious sociable, fond of company
Grandiose impressive or imposing, grand in appearance or style
Gluttony excessive or overindulgent consumption of food or drink


overly theatrical, dramatic or exaggerated
Hapless unlucky or unfortunate, cursed with bad luck
Harbinger a sign or omen, a predictor of future events
Heresy belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious doctrine
Homogeneous of the same kind or nature, uniform in structure or composition


a peculiar or distinctive trait or habit
Inscrutable difficult to understand, mysterious or obscure
Inherent existing in someone or something as a permanent or essential characteristic
Intrepid fearless, brave, bold, and adventurous
Insipid lacking flavour or interest, dull or boring


having a yellowish appearance, prejudiced or biased

Juxtapose  to place side by side for comparison or contrast
Jocular  humorous, joking or playful in manner
Judicious having or showing good judgement or sense, wise or prudent
Facade the front of a building, often used to describe a false appearance or illusion
Fallacy a mistaken belief or notion, an erroneous argument
Fastidious very attentive to detail, hard to please or satisfy
Fecund  fruitful, productive, capable of producing many offspring
Feckless careless, irresponsible, ineffective or feeble
Genteel refined, elegant, or polite in manner or behaviour


relating to or characteristic of glaciers, extremely slow or cold
Gossamer thin and delicate, resembling a spider’s web
Grandeur magnificence, impressiveness
Halcyon peaceful, calm, or prosperous, often used to describe a nostalgic time
Hedonism the pursuit of pleasure or enjoyment, often at the expense of other considerations
Hubris excessive pride or self-confidence, arrogance or conceit
Hierarchy  a system of ranking or organizing things or people according to importance
Humdrum lacking excitement, dull or boring
Ineffable too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words, indescribable
Inhibit to prevent or restrain, to hold back or limit
Inexorable impossible to stop or prevent, unyielding or relentless


extremely small or tiny, almost immeasurable
Iniquity immoral or unfair behaviour or actions, sin or wickedness
Jargon specialized terminology used by a particular group or profession
Jeopardize to put in danger, to risk or endanger
Jocular characterized by joking or humour, playful
Jovial cheerful, friendly, and good-natured
Judicious having or showing good judgment, wise or prudent
Jaded tired or bored, having had too much of something
Kinetic relating to motion or movement
Kudos praise or admiration for someone’s achievements


a central element that holds together other parts
Lethargy a lack of energy or enthusiasm
Laudable deserving praise and admiration
Luminous shining brightly; full of light
Malleable capable of being shaped
Myriad a great number of things or people
Nefarious wicked or evil
Nonplussed confused or unsure how to react


harmful or poisonous
Obliterate destroy completely
Ominous giving the impression that something bad is going to happen
Obsequious overly eager to please or obey
Kindle to start a fire or ignite something
Keen having a sharp or strong feeling or interest
Kin – one’s family or relations
Largesse – generosity in giving gifts or money


– to become weak or feeble
Levity – a lack of seriousness, often in an inappropriate situation
Morose – sullen or ill-tempered
Maverick – an independent-minded person who doesn’t conform to the norm
Meander – to wander aimlessly or without direction
Nexus – a connection or link between two or more things


– calm and relaxed, showing a lack of concern
Notorious – famous for something bad or negative
Opaque – not able to be seen through; not transparent
Omniscient – having complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding
Kernel – the essential part or core of something
Knead – to work and press into a dough or other malleable substance
Kiosk – a small structure used for information or commerce
Languid – lacking energy or enthusiasm; slow and relaxed
Larceny – theft of personal property


– sweet-sounding; pleasing to the ear
Munificent – very generous; giving lavishly
Mitigate – to make less severe or intense
Nihilistic – rejecting all religious and moral principles in the belief that life is meaningless
Nostalgia – a sentimental longing for the past
Negligible – too small or unimportant to be considered significant


– to move back and forth in a regular rhythm
Omnipotent – having unlimited power or authority
Obdurate – stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion or course of action
Kith – friends and acquaintances
Keystone – the central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the whole together
Luminescence – the quality or condition of radiating or reflecting light
Pristine – pure, untouched, in its original condition


– to think deeply, consider carefully
Pinnacle – the highest point, summit, peak
Proficient – skilled, competent, knowledgeable
Pious – deeply religious, devout, reverent
Quaint – charmingly old-fashioned, unusual in an appealing way
Quell – to suppress or extinguish, calm, pacify
Quandary – a state of uncertainty or perplexity, dilemma


– a witty remark or comment, a joke
Resilient – able to recover quickly from difficulties or setbacks, tough, strong
Retrospect – a review or contemplation of past events, hindsight
Requisite – necessary or essential, required, indispensable
Reticent – reluctant to speak or reveal thoughts, reserved, quiet
Rudimentary – basic, fundamental, undeveloped


– calm, peaceful
Superfluous – unnecessary, extra, surplus
Surreptitious – done in secret, clandestine, covert
Sardonic – sarcastic, mocking, ironic
Scrupulous – careful, thorough, conscientious


– persistent, determined, strong-willed
Transcend – to go beyond the limits of, surpass, exceed
Tedious – boring, monotonous, dull
Tenuous – weak, fragile, flimsy
Taciturn – reserved or uncommunicative in speech, quiet, reticent


– present everywhere, widespread, omnipresent
Upbraid – to scold or criticize severely, rebuke, reprimand
Usurp – to seize or take control by force, appropriate, seize
Urbane – sophisticated, suave, refined
Unfettered – free, unrestricted, unrestrained
Vex – to annoy or frustrate, irritate, bother
Venerate – to regard with deep respect, revere
Vicarious – experienced through someone else, second-hand, indirect
Visceral – instinctive, emotional, gut-level
Voracious – having a huge appetite, insatiable, ravenous
Whimsical – playful, fanciful, imaginative
Wistful – longing, yearning, nostalgic
Wry – twisted, dryly humorous, ironic
Wane – to decrease in intensity or power, decline, diminish
Winsome – charming, attractive, appealing
Xenophobia – fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers, racism, prejudice
Xerophyte – a plant adapted to survive in dry conditions, cactus, succulent
Yield – to produce or give way to, surrender, submit
Yen – a strong desire or longing, craving, yearning
Yoke – to join or link together, unite, connect
Yearning – a deep longing or desire, craving, aspiration
Yore – time past, former times, long ago.
Zenith – the highest point, the peak, the apex
Zealot – a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals
Zeitgeist – the spirit or tone of a particular period in history as shown by the ideas, beliefs, and attitudes of the time
Zest – great enthusiasm and energy, excitement, liveliness
Zephyr – a gentle breeze, a soft wind

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